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The Texoma Area Solid Waste Authority was officially formed in 2000 by the cities of Denison, Gainesville, and Sherman, Texas and by Cooke and Grayson Counties to provide a solid waste disposal and recycling facility for its member cities, counties, and other communities in the Texoma region.

Why was TASWA formed?

Long-term solid waste management is a complex and difficult problem for local and county governments throughout Texas. Not only are elected officials obligated to provide for the proper treatment and disposal of waste generated by their constituents, but they also have a duty to make decisions based on the publics current and long-term best interest.

In the Texoma area, waste disposal options have been severely limited in recent years. One significant contributing factor was that several public landfills were forced to close during the mid 1990s. In fact, there were more than 1000 landfills operating in Texas prior to 1990, but today there are fewer than 200. These closures were due in large part to the passing of Subtitle D of the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act which in turn generated new Federal and State rules regulating landfill design, construction and operation.

During 1995, the cities of Sherman, Gainesville and Denison recognized that their options for waste disposal were becoming severely limited, and they were determined to develop a better plan to provide long-term waste disposal service to their constituents. They asked Cooke and Grayson Counties to join them in forming what is now know as the Texoma Area Solid Waste Authority (or TASWA) to help identify long-term solutions to this problem. TASWA completed a number of studies and decided that a publicly operated solid waste facility would best serve the areas needs, as well as maintain local control over costs, liabilities, and other critical issues. TASWA also knew that similar public initiatives were proving successful elsewhere in Texas.

Who is TASWA?

TASWA is a local government corporation governed by a Board of Directors that includes representatives from each of its member cities and counties. The current Board includes:

Mayor Jim Goldsworthy [TASWA Chairman] - City of Gainesville

Mayor Janet Gott - City of Denison

Mayor David Plyler
- City of Sherman

County Judge Bill Magers - Grayson County

County Judge Jason Brinkley - Cooke County

John O’Steen - TASWA Executive Director

Jo Anne Hixson - TASWA Office Manager